1. A word used to compensate when one doesn't know the lyrics "when it comes to meow meow its just me, myself and I....."
2. Sound of happiness one makes when no other word is sufficient. "MEOW : D" or "me-fucking-ow"
3. Sound of utter boredom one makes when one is too bored to form real words. (meow)
4. A very short and snappy meow can be used to show lack of patience. " Yeah I'll move the nav element half a pixel down, . meow."
5. When one is on TV and experiencing extreme physical trauma. ~ carrot and the stick man sits in the same room as me ~ yes most people don't remember the program ~
6.  A word used to describe attractive members of opposite sex "meeeeeee ow look at that fine specimen"
7. Used in place of blah blah blah. meowmeowmeow
read the examples above meow meow meow
by missmai June 25, 2004
1. A word used to express boredom.
2. When yoo are being a kitty.
3. When said suddenly in mid sentence, it can tell one to shut up.
-"So, how are yo-"
by emilysahoe July 08, 2006
A random filler word people use when there is nothing else to say.
Jake- " Hey, um, Kassie?"
Kassie- "Wha?"
Jake- "Will you go out with me?"
Kassie- "No, you retard"
Megan- "MEOW"
by bumbleoobee December 21, 2010
The feline word for Love. Also can be used in place of I love you. Commonly associated with the word RAWR. Seeing how dinosaurs are related to chickens, and chickens are birds, and cats eat birds :D
Me: Meow
You: Rawr
by Professorunicorn333 January 12, 2011
Sound uttered in response to a really bitchy comment. Sometimes accompanied by a 'cat scratching at the air' motion.
"Here's a slimming tip for ya - PUT DOWN THE FORK!!"
"Meow!! Saucer of milk for one!!"
by Shalroth May 28, 2005
1: The sound a cat makes
2: The sound a human makes when they are imitating a cat
3: The thing you say when you are singing a song, but you don't remember the words
1: 'hey, kitty kitty!' 'meow!'
2: If you say 'meow,' you sound like a cat!
3: "Joy to the world... meow meow meow meow!"
by kittens Σ:3 July 01, 2014
an instance of extreme excitement that usually leads to promiscuous behavior.

meowing: the act of drinking heavily that leads to the mood of the meow.
Thomasina loves to meow.
by Thomasina Catt March 31, 2010
the sound a snail makes
Spongebob: HI GARY!
Gary: Meow
by boberto.gregford August 15, 2008

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