1. a sound a kitty makes.
2. a sound that is fun to make yourself.
"meow... MEOW!!!! MEOW!!!!!"
"No kitty this is my potpie!"
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 28, 2003
as Bobby threw his shot short. Mark replied with an emphatic "MEOW"
by CUBAN VALIS July 15, 2008
Meow can mean pussy like pussy cat
I meowed at a security guard and he chased my car and called the police for saying meow. (true story)
by Cool kid FROM salem October 15, 2007
said when someone says something that may lead to a fight/something flirty. usually used with a hand motion in which the wrist is moved down.
girl one=im gonna smack that bitch so hard!
girl two=meow!
by alloftheotherdeffinitionsareshit December 10, 2004
A word me and Jaydee use to amuse our selfs =]
ME : heyloaahh
JAYDEE: meooww
JAYDEE: meeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwww !
ME: ok ok you win...
by ehleese August 06, 2006
A school-appropriate nickname for a female's genital area.
1- "What I wouldn't give to look at that bitch's meow!"

2- (Slutty ugly girl to attractive male): Meowwwwww baby.
by voguegirl July 08, 2006
The uncontrollable noise a person makes when they express the emotion of inflicted pain (also known as cutting).
Jackie meowed when Ravin told her he didn't love her.
by Jackie and Ravin November 26, 2006
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