The uncontrollable noise a person makes when they express the emotion of inflicted pain (also known as cutting).
Jackie meowed when Ravin told her he didn't love her.
by Jackie and Ravin November 26, 2006
battlescreech that lots of ppl use
devence meganism
*make a kind of claw hand* meeeoooooow
by Lauren November 16, 2003
A word made popular by Super Troopers:
I can say "Meow"
I can say "Moo"
Hell, for Twenty-bucks, I'll call him a chickenfucker.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
M-E-O-W: masturbate, ejaculate, ohhh, wash it off.
He meowed in the bathroom.
by Tami July 20, 2005
Common reference to Asian people commonly used in Boston neighborhoods
Wow kid....your driving like a real Meow
by Mike February 11, 2005
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