drug ketamine (special k)
by zadio December 05, 2002
A word made popular by Super Troopers:
I can say "Meow"
I can say "Moo"
Hell, for Twenty-bucks, I'll call him a chickenfucker.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
another way of calling someone a pussy
Don't be such a meow and just do it.
by Holla00 June 06, 2006
M-E-O-W: masturbate, ejaculate, ohhh, wash it off.
He meowed in the bathroom.
by Tami July 20, 2005
Common reference to Asian people commonly used in Boston neighborhoods
Wow kid....your driving like a real Meow
by Mike February 11, 2005
In refrence to a woman's vagina. The cat the meow.
Say, man ms. lady was gonna give me the meow but, I had didn't have a rubber.
by Billy Williams January 05, 2005
a sound made during the time of having sex. sound goes along with ruff
me-owwww ruffff meeeeeowwwww ruffffffff o gosh thats nice oOoOoOOooh yeah meow ruff meeeeeeeeeeeeeeow
by Sexmanual June 04, 2003

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