A showboating flamboyant rapper from the early nineties. In 1990, off the back of a few lame songs, MC Hammer bought a $12million house and a fleet of luxury cars. Six years later, it all got reposessed when he declared himself bankrupt.

Can be used to describe anyone who optimisticly flashes the cash only to lose it all due to their over-optimism.
As soon as he got a promotion he bought a Ferrari, big house and some artwork expecting to get promoted again and pay it all off before he was 25. But he instead got fired for crashing the car into his Boss' 1980 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI state luaderlet convertible limosuine while showing off.

Now all his shit got repo'd, his phine bitch left him, and he lives with his parents.

by Gumba Gumba April 07, 2004
Top Definition
A rapper of the early 90's who became really successful. But having his idea of a "plan" as he called it he spent all his money on stuff he did not need. In other words he thought he could make money but his life style could not be covered by his music so he went bankrupt. MC Hammer can often be seen in the Central Valley of Cali "Thats northern cali" do to the fact he now lives in a small one bed room house in Tracy. MC Hammer can also been seen in Modesto Cali time to time.
Having spent my days in Modesto I have seen MC Hammer a few times and met him 5 times. Among other things George Lucus "Maker of Starwars and other films" can be found going to Modesto being he was born and rasied here. Being his parents still live in the area.
by Woogy April 04, 2005
(n) an Oakland rapper from the early 1990s named Stanley Kirk Burrell who liked to wear parachute pants while performing his MANY hits:
1. U Can't Touch This (1990, #8)
2. Have You Seen Her (1990, #4)
3. Pray (1990, #2)
4. 2 Legit 2 Quit (1992, #5)
5. Addams Groove (1992, #7)
6. Pumps and a Bump (1994, #26)
I have to take issue with the unfair characterization of M.C. Hammer as a one-hit wonder: he may be bankrupt and washed-up, but give the man credit for his multiple hits! Hasn't he suffered enough, going through life as a black man named Stanley?
by BeardedFatass May 15, 2004
A Scottish tool for pounding on things.
Aye, Connor, hand me that mc hammer, I've gotta drive a nail inta this piece a wood.
by Frisco Pete October 10, 2007
1. A popular rapper who made alot of money, than turned around and realized he spent it all.

2. A fight move when you threaten and threaten until you really have to fight and the other guy realizes that you are a p*ssy. (How me and my homies use it.)
1. Mc Hammer: Can't touch this!
Guy: They shouldn't of let you touch the money.

2. Guy 1: What happened.
Guy 2: I MC Hammered a guy.
by Lil' Pimpin' May 29, 2006
A very cool rapper guy from the eighties/early nineties, is NOT a one hit wonder.
His greatest works include "U Can't Touch This", "Here Comes the Hammer", "Too Legit to Quit", and "Turtle Power".
by Amanda Leigh Phillips August 03, 2003
To slap your partners forhead with your cock while cumming during oral sex.
To perform an MC Hammer you MUST be standing up- UNDER THE CONDITION that your partner does NOT want you to cum in her mouth.

Right before orgasm you shake your legs and say "uhoh! uhoh, uhoh-uhoh! STOP!" - Pull out - Begin to bang your dick on her forhead while cumming and say "HAMMER TIME!"
by Ravejocky January 11, 2008
Good vibes Hip Hop that everyone enjoyed during the late eighties / early nineties. Fell off with the influx of gangsta rappers in the early-mid nineties. Tried to sport some new school (for early-mid nineties), but shit wasn't happenin'. Personally, I wonder if some of his fallin' off was because some heads were jealous. Finally made a decent comeback with some religious shit. Apparently, he now lives a humble, less glamorous, and more ordinary lifestyle.
MC Hammer was hot in sports scenes. He became noticed rappin' outside Oakland Colliseum. His hits were definitely amongst the orginal "Jock Jams."

His music was obviously hot on dance floors, and is still played at many cheesy white people weddings. Well, ok, he was awesome. Awesome!
by Great White Boy October 20, 2008
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