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A name often mistaken as Lucas or Lukas, but contains no misspelling. Lucus' tend to be nice, fun, a little on the douche-baggy side, but mainly kind and loving. A Lucus might seem shy at first, but is most definitely not, once you get to know one, they will not shut up. In most cases its a good thing to know a Lucus, for they can give optimistic, obvious, and/or sarcastic advise. If you find a Lucus, try to befriend him immediately, for they can be quite smart and entertaining people.
Old friend: "Hey, do you know Lucus?"
New guy: "Yeah, he's pretty funny."
Old friend: "Seriously? He's a friggin' genius!"
New guy: "Well, I didn't know you thought that highly of him."
Old friend: "You are crazy not to."

Lucus: "Hey, whats up"
Friend: "'Sup Mr. Awesome"
Lucus: "What?"
by Xenospheric Enterprise August 12, 2011
Typically confused with LucAs, but most definitely not misspelled.

A ninja of sorts, super loving, and avid listener of The Darkness.

Is going to be the first independent president one day.

Oh, and is in love with a super hot chick named Stephanie.

Always great to have one of these around.
"Hey, are you a Lucus?"
"Nope, I've only got my yellow belt."
by thatslutnamedrachel October 12, 2009
Noun; A lucus was a sacred grove in roman religion.
He had avoided the lucus, for he was not welcomed.
by Xenospheric Enterprise August 12, 2011