ill give him the benifit of the doubt and call him a 2 hit wonder (due to the mild sucess of 2 legit to quit, the cause of his bankruptcy (spent more money on the song and video than he made)) but he definitly DID NOT do whoomp there it is, that was tag team..........unless he was in tag team, but i dobut it
my my my my music hits me - so hard
makes me say OH MY LORD
by Chester March 10, 2004
1. god of parachute pants and a one hit wonder. 2. unemployed, but still there 3. has no money, yet somehow survives 4.(mysteriously) 5. crappy alias
1. A)wow, that guy with the gay pants on tv lives on the street now B)he pulled an M.C. Hammer then
2.A) that bum down the street is still there! B) if he wasnt white, id say he was M.C. Hammer himself!
3.(4.) jake aint dead yet? he sure is an M.C. Hammer!
5. Mike Cygnar calls himself "M.C. Hammer when he orders pizza
by M.C. Hammer (my alias :-) December 30, 2003
If yo think that mc hammer is a one hit wonder you obviously need yo head examining. he is oldskool and he's had loads of hits, my favourite being- whoomp there it is. turn this mother out is pretty dope too. he dont compare to the grand master flash though cos he is da man. Shamone! Oh and some of you more cultured peeps mite remember the adams family groove( that wasnt hammer's best track)
"it's hammer time"
by Dan McCabe January 01, 2004
Stupid one hit wonder who wears parachute pants.
When MC Hammer found out about a sale for half price off parachute pants,he screamed like a little girl.
by TheWiggidy April 30, 2004
The only rapper to ever have talent.
MC hammer could beat Eminem's ass any day of the week.
by Delthryn March 29, 2005
One hit wonder who was responsible for hammertime and is now broke (serves him right).
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
90's rapper who is really stupid but makes funny songs like I like big butts and Can't Touch this
du nu nuu nu nu nu nu Can't touch this I like big butts and i cannot lie
by TeddyFAT July 05, 2005

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