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Acronym for "My Balls Hurt". Is usually uttered upon receiving a difficult task or the victim of a miscellaneous hardship.

Can be used to show sympathy in the YBH, as in "your balls hurt."
Boss: "Pat, please rewrite that whole web site by tomorrow."
Pat: "MBH"
by darth chubious July 28, 2010
MBH is an abbreviation for male butt hole in a joking gay way. Never to be used about a serious male on male gay situation.
You trying to get some pussy this evening?" "No I'm all about MBH man that's where it's really at.
by MBHallday June 18, 2011
My Brain Hurts

Used when one has a headache either from being confused/over-concentrating or just an average headache, migrane ect.
"Oh dude, MBH. Can you be quiet?"

(After someone has just explained something either very confusing or complex)
-In Maths class-
So how'd you get 2.5?! MBH...
by stephilis93 May 20, 2011
meanie butt head
an insult used by children in grammar school; apparently also the band girls at my high school
(sees MBH on the board)
Me: What does MBH stand for? My Balls Hurt?
Girl1: No, it means meanie butt head
by RealDeal45h0 December 18, 2011
Message Board Help and GameFAQs. A haven for jokes and newbies who like to whine. Frequented by mods who never do anything important.
If you want to whine, go to MBH with all of the other morons.
by Krimzon sworde July 06, 2004
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