masterbate then sleep
Matt: yo imma go home and M&S
Ben: to much info
#sex #masterbate #sleep #gross #jizz
by youknowthatguy May 12, 2009
Top Definition
Morons and slackers. Coined by Gevlon.
M&S play for fun and don't care if they inconvenience everyone else in a raid group.
#wow #moron #slacker #idiot #buffoon
by DearlyStars January 01, 2012
Marks & Spencers or M&S not to be confused with S&M this is a well respected giant in the retail and catering industry serving millions of the british public daily with wonderful food and to die for St. Michael brand clothing.

This is a total piss take for clerification M&S sucks serious hobo dick there clothing would be turned down by a man wearing only pants on a typical Alaskan day and there food well......let's not go there.
"Remember when Martha told Victor to get some M&S products but he accidently got some S&M.......that was some funny shit"
#a #b #c #d #e
by alechogg October 08, 2005
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