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When black queers try to keep their faggotry a secret amongst each other.
Bi sexual? Let's clear this up now! No such thing! You either suck dick or you do not suck dick there is no inbetween. What do these guys get up in the morning and flip a coin? Tails; hair pie, heads; balls around the chin!
-Andrew Dice Clay
by Dice September 03, 2004
When you frag bods like fabian and dice, like you kill ksharp and you're like RIPT!
dice kills ksharp with a knife
dice: RIPT
by dice November 03, 2004
the mudda truckin po po's! DA POLICE!
cherry tops lets cheese it
by dice October 07, 2003
when you're high or stoned
Damn quba's cada again
Quba: wehhhh im cada dice
dice: i know f4g
by dice November 03, 2004
The call of the cubans
Quba: dice im cada WEHHH
Leffer: WEHHH
dice: wow fkn cubans!
by dice November 15, 2004
my fucking dog
look at skurdinst my fucking dog.
by dice October 07, 2003
a sound affect for when your constipated
uhh.... uhh... URNST....(PAIN) (PAIN)
by dice October 08, 2003
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