noun. a person who is a huge downer on everything, esp. a high school librarian who likes to makes kids miserable. he/she/it may frequently write students up for completely ridiculous dress code violations, ban the use of websites such as facebook during study hall, and wear really ugly dresses. he/she/it will most likely burn in hell for all the years he/she/it spent making the lives of high school students HELL.
"dude, you are being such a lutz."
by abizzle fo shizzle April 15, 2008
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a small city in Florida, right outside of Tampa and by Land o Lakes. Made up of either extremely wealthy people, or very poor rednecks who drive trucks. Nearly every kid either smokes weed, drinks, does both, or used to. No in between. Ever.
Kelly lives in Lutz, she's always stoned. Her brother drives an F-150 and they live by the APEX Publix. (another Lutz landmark)
by jannneeeeee March 29, 2009
(n or v, and sometimes adj) - this word can be used anywhere in any sentence, to mean pretty much whatever the hell you want it to.
The other day, we lutzed a lutzer and lutz was lutzed out of his mind.
by Jordan92 June 28, 2011
A clumsy coworker, someone who gets lost.
Don't let the lutz drive he will get lost....
by Bob December 19, 2004
noun. Word describing the act of picking your nose, rolling it into a ball and putting it in your mouth.
What the hell are you doing? Did you just do the lutz? That's disgusting.
by Arhips February 24, 2012
The person in a party who decides to go "trim up" in the basement while everything is going on upstairs. This is for just in case in which this person was attacked by a woman and was taken into another room.
The Lutz saves his nutz whenever a party was going on upstairs.
by Samoa_Joe December 18, 2009
a figure skating jump from the backward outside edge then pick with the right leg and rotate to the left and the landing has to be on one foot backward outside edge .. (single , double , triple . quad triple)
Lutz is the hardest jump ever especially triple lutz
by Nionia September 13, 2004

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