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noun. a person who is a huge downer on everything, esp. a high school librarian who likes to makes kids miserable. he/she/it may frequently write students up for completely ridiculous dress code violations, ban the use of websites such as facebook during study hall, and wear really ugly dresses. he/she/it will most likely burn in hell for all the years he/she/it spent making the lives of high school students HELL.
"dude, you are being such a lutz."
by abizzle fo shizzle April 15, 2008
A cross between a loser and a putz.
If you were going to be taken seriously as a real estate agent, why wouldn't you get a haircut? What a lutz!
by Joey Whitford July 14, 2006
A philadelphia native who currently resides in NJ, one of the craziest and comediac people on the face of the earth, mucisally inclinded but cant play and instrument, dangerousally atractive, and knows martial arts
Wow Lutz ur Freak'n amazing!
by Brian Lutz April 16, 2005
slang term to say Goodbye, or to leave, similar to 'lates"
J: "alright man, take care, i'm leaving..."
D: "Lutz...."

or "ok, I gotta lutz...."
by smartypantss November 12, 2007