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A pre-slut because is missing the S in SLUT, which stands for sex.

A flirtatious girl who has not lost her virginity, but acts like a slut
Don't be fooled by that lut, that bitch is innocent.
by ice August 21, 2003
Coniving, slutty, attention seeker bitch who leads on men and breaks their hearts until she decides she wants them later on.
"look at that Lut!"
"God she's such a Lut!"
by Spoon Dude & Evil Lam Sam October 20, 2006
Pronounced lootz, is used in place of a swear word.
What the luts is your problem?
by JELLOOLLEJ May 09, 2010
A word that describes a person who does multiple types of sexual acts but not Sex. A slut with out the "S"
Andrew is a lut. But he doesn't have sex with people so he is only a lut.
by Deadninja January 26, 2015
A way of saying good-bye.

See you lut- seulut- See you later.

Dave: Alright il see ya later.
John: Alright lut.
Dave: Lut.
by Stubbly Muffin December 06, 2010
N: Leet crew of wordlooters. Common sight on wordZOG territory, jacking up wordAzN s, and just in general making a misery of peoples lives.
N: A UO guild that specializes in the extraction of unneeded valuables from corpses and the sale thereof said acquired goods at decent prices to prior owners.

See also wordroot, wordrooters, and "That dude who just took my hally, fucking Galad monkey."
I h4x j00 for LuT.
Gimme all your LuT.
UO is rove because of LuT. keke^^
by Benedict August 08, 2003
this is a common word used in colloquial french text messaging, and is a shorter way of saying the french word "salut" pronounced "lu".
(in an sms chat room)

Marie: bjr, Adele!! koi29?
Adele: lut, ca va?
by frnchi September 11, 2008
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