To like someone due to there looks and nothing else.
Sharin lusted Don after seeing his English poster
by asianbs March 06, 2012
The undeniable feeling you get when that first date, first kiss, and first alone time happens. Although the word is mis-used with the word "love"... this could soon become love.
The feeling that tingles through out you in the first kiss (or each and every one).. yeah, that's lust.
A woman in lust wants chocolate and flowers... A women is love wants her man and her diamonds!
by LAuren... (X-box) November 07, 2005
nature's way of tricking people into reproducing, and learning how to love, (not to be confused with love, which is God's way)
me: "But I loved her so much!"

rational person: "But she slept with your brother's fiancee, could it perhaps be lust?"

me: "But I obsessed over my love for her for thirteen years, only to find out it wasn't going to happen! I didn't need to have sex with her, I just wanted to be near her, to hold her and squeeze her and cover her with little kisses. I wanted her to love me like she said she did. I dreamed I would marry this girl one day. That's not lust! Lust is for freaks!"

rational person: "Like her?"

me: "Exactly!"
by Lovee2 February 02, 2010
mix feelings of love
oh my gosh this girl sarah is making me lust alot
by monkeyeatnoobs November 02, 2007
the new trend, confused with love.

hc company ;)
cody lust hannah

hannah lust cody
by hannahcodysexsex February 21, 2008
the point where you want to please yourself, feel wanted/needed, be free, recieve a boost of self-confidence.
Every time he wants me, he can have me. He makes me feel beautiful and fulfilled, when he is inside me, lust, sex, self indulgance
by Tiz FaTtY hOe August 30, 2010
a yearing for sex
when marena sees chris
by unkown November 17, 2002

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