To be sexually attractive and to initate sexual intercourse with another person regardless of sex. Often confused with another emotion 'love', lust is the urge to fuck someone.
Sally had so much lust for that boy, she just took him home one night and fucked him till the cows came home.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
It's the emotion that makes you want to screw people.
No example for lust. You probably have some of your own.
by Alexperson November 07, 2006
The antithesis of love--love gives (unconditionally) while lust takes. Don't ever confuse the two.
Lust cannot and nor ever will be equated with love.
by krock1dk December 15, 2007
Lust is when you are convinced that there is a reason you are with someone but you cant think of it. Although it is often thought to be love by others deep down the one in lust knows that it is not love. lust and infatuation go hand in hand
I dream about him ravishing me every night - it must be lust
by __cute_aza_button__ September 29, 2006
its when you want to touch them so bad. but you dont because you dont know what they want. its when your with them, your dying for their touch, their lips their hands on your body. its when they touch you and even though you know its wrong you cant stop. its this feeling in your gut that makes you do wild things. and this unending thought in your head when your with them.

its confused with the word love. but people got it all wrong, its not love, its what comes with love, its in the package.
i just wanted his lips with mine. "lust"
by l3Xx♥ May 25, 2009
a condition which is often confused with love.
She thought she was in love with him but it was just lust.
by tawny April 30, 2003
An overwhelming desire or craving: a lust for power.
The way Daniel feels for My. =)
by sucker:P August 19, 2005

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