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A human craving which makes you attracted to another person which usually leads to mad wild sex
Joy licks justins chest
Justin becomes full of lust
by tragidy April 29, 2003
A irc user who is uber ej33t n is fjeered by many
tragidy joins #hax0r
someop sets mode +imRS
by Tragidy April 27, 2003
A signal sent thru wireless to control ones mind
Johnny listens to some strange static and is convinced to vote for bush!
tragidy isnt it?
by tragidy April 28, 2003
A very sexy chick who fell to the darkside after meeting tragidy
A girl who used to be good who turned evil
by Tragidy April 27, 2003
Hacker slang for when they want you to fear there elite skills.
Skrilla says fjeer mah l33t skills
by tragidy April 29, 2003
Internet Relay Chat used by many feared by some heh...
Yo johnny get on irc an leech them movies
by tragidy April 28, 2003
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