Proper Noun: Lust is a homunculus from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. She was created when an Ishabli man attempted to resurrect his beautiful lover after her premature death. He failed, as do most other human transmutations. The Ishabli man embarked on a quest to create the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary substance which would allow him to truly resurrect his lover. However, he was killed before he could attain his goal. The homunculus that resulted from his failed attempt was obtained by Dante - a powerful female alchemist - and groomed into a beautiful and deadly assassin. (A mark of her servitude to Dante is the ouroboros tattoo on her bosom.) As a homunculus, Lust possesses a special power in addition to her imperviousness. She is capable of extending her indestructible, claw-like nails to a considerable length. This technique is called the "ultimate halberd," and serves as a mortal weapon.

After years of loyal service to the alchemist who raised her, Lust's memories began to resurface as she interacted with humans. Rejecting her past, she killed a human who fell in love with her and brought about flashbacks of her former life. Later, Scar – the brother of the man who attempted to resurrect Lust – revealed the truth about how she was born. Lust accepted her past, and came to the realization that homunculi wish to be human – despite their superiority to normal humans – because of their past. After Scar's death, she allied herself with Edward Elric in order to obtain humanity via the Philosopher's Stone and rebel against the evil Dante. Before she could reveal Dante's true identity, Lust was engaged in combat with her fellow homunculi. Wrath, a homunculus capable of using alchemy, sealed her during the battle. This weakened her enough for her opponent to kill her. Lust's true name, the name of her lover, and Scar's name were never revealed.
Lust really takes the whole homunculus thing in stride.

Wow, that Lust's got a great rack and hot bod. But watch out, she'll kick your ass!
by Dan December 18, 2004
An Attraction for someOne can Be more Than Physical.An Overwhemling feeling for someone - Can make you smile when Thinking of them.Like love:Love is an extention of lust.Lust is an Extention of Liking someone.
-"I Lust after him''
-"I really,really Like you Niall =]"
by Rockchickimmy May 28, 2006
what happens when your dick gets hard. (see horny)often confused with love
Edward lusts over that super model so much that he procrastibates to her every night.
by anonymous April 13, 2005
The Greatest GM to Grace Ragnarok Online Private Servers, Lust Is often associated with many other Hot Gamers such as Elaspion, Terrax, Reyvyn, Brett, Otaku and Many Others
Lust Is Known for his 2 face mood swing that can go from 100% good to Satan in 3 seconds Flat!
If only our Ragnarok Server was governed by Lust It would Ragna... Rock!
by GM Lust September 25, 2008
Lust is an intensified love, everything is love. Lust Hate greed jealousy want
All you need is lust, all together now, all you need is lust, lust, lust is all you need (and fades).
by John & Yoko July 22, 2004
You think you love someone but you only want them sexually
I lust for you sometimes
by tatisawe May 22, 2016
The second greatest feeling in the world, unless you want more than that someone's body. If their body is ALL that you want, it's likely lust. If you truly love someone, you will want them for WHO they are, not WHAT the are.
Jason lusted for Amanda, though he truly wanted to love her.
by A Freakin' Geek April 19, 2016
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