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A really glossy slick gel, sometimes found in flavors which you put on a males penis to make it easier, faster and harder while having regular, oral or butt sex.
Angie likes using lubricant with tonie so its harder and Marena likes strawberry lubricant while being with Cory
by unkown January 18, 2003
when a girl sucks on a guys dick and a guys lick down on a girls vagina
O0o0o ahhhh hehe woohoo
by unkown November 17, 2002
The way you feel when you are turned on in a sexual manner or when you are always thinking about sex
Angie gets horny around tonie vise versa and Marena gets horny around cory vise versa
by unkown January 18, 2003
A tool cops use to handcuff criminal or a sex tool where the partner is handcuffed down for the other partners pleasure!!!
chris and marena and the other aggressive angie and tonie
by unkown November 17, 2002
When someone dresses up as a charcter of any kind while having sex
josh being a girl
by unkown November 17, 2002
the funniest kind of ram
I'm going to go get me some LOLRAM
by unkown November 11, 2003
refering to asian penis, usually of the smaller variety!
Lee Wong is a ceebodean
by unkown December 08, 2004

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