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What House M.D. thinks every patient has before he comes up with the correct diagnosis.
Foreman: I think it's cancer

Chase: No his white cell count isn't high enough

House: You're both wrong it's Lupis


House: a broken finger.
by spartan kirkus November 18, 2009
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Dreadful skin disease that I won't begin to tell you about and contrary to what you heard this has nothing to do with me knowing nothing about Lupis. The most famous Lupis related scene on TV would have to be when George Castanza thinks he has Lupis after getting a skin test because of a small discoloration on his upper lip. Another famous Lupis scene on TV (Television) would have to be when Nelson Muntz of the Simpsons runs by Flanders early in the morning after Flanders wakes up with his girlfriend Sarah in the middle of a park which unluckily happened to be part of the course for the Lupis Fun Run. Nelson then says "Haha...Fight Lupis". Words as true today as they were then (2002?).
If you want to learn more about Lupis you could always read the back of a bottle of Neutrogena or visit your local library. I'd like to close with "Fight Lupis".
by El Barto June 13, 2004

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