a primitive neandrathal-like creature known for its muscular build and four legged running ability.
Although I was on the track team, I knew I could never outrun the Lunger.
by Anonymous April 04, 2003
Top Definition
A person suffering from chronic lung disease.
Doc Holliday: (coughs) Now Ed, are we cross?
Ed Bailey: Without them guns, you're nothing but a skinny lunger...
#lungs #longer #lung #emphysema #tuberculosis #doc holliday #west #old west #slang
by PhillySportsFan August 26, 2008
A thick wad of spittle dredged up from the bottom and expectorated in a public place.
Simon hacked a lunger in front of Miss Janelle's Dance Studio.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
A wad of mucus expressed from the mouth or throat.
I horked up a massive, gooey lunger and deposited it in Ron's face.
by bends February 06, 2003
A form of marijuana smoking, gets you high faster than normal, used with a half of a plastic pop bottle with saran wrap coming out of the other half.
We couldn't find Joey's bong or his papers, so we just made a quick lunger and got ripped.
by weedey mcpot July 01, 2004
A device used to smoke marijuana. Consists of the top half of a bottle and a bread bag. Enables a user to take large quantities of smoke or inhale.
"Bro, I need a hoot!"
"Got a pipe?"
"Even better, let's make a lunger."
#weed #marijuana #stoner #pothead #pipe #smoke #420
by PrincessPothead October 25, 2012
A wad of mucus that has been brought up from the lungs.

The act of a deep, productive cough followed by spitting out the wad of mucus is called "hocking a lunger", where "to hock" is a modern wearing-down of the original "to hawk".

Those suffering or recovering from pneumonia can hock frequent, prodigious, and frightening lungers.
I hocked a lunger up to the ceiling in the gym shower last week and it's still hanging there.
#booger #hawk #hock #mucus #snot
by JMike1966 January 02, 2008
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