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Originating from the seattle area, this is a word that is used sarcastic to mean "no". It is most commonly used as a remark to a sarcastic comment someone may have made to the person saying yeep
"Emil should keep speaking"
by Kellen December 16, 2004
Used sarcastically, to tell someone to speak would mean to tell them to shut the fuck up.
"Emil, speak"
/Emil shuts up
by Kellen December 16, 2004
A word that can replace the words tight or cool. It can also be used to explain how hot a girl is.
That Hillary Duff is so Lunger.
by Kellen December 21, 2004
Adjective for a sexually promiscuous male. A 'player' or 'pimp'.
Yeah dude that was murf!
by Kellen September 29, 2003

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