Noun: a cigarette.
"Hey man you wanna smoke a lunger?"

"you wanna spark a lunger?"
by Jurno March 01, 2010
A person that makes a wheezing, labored sound as they exercise.
That guy is such a lunger.. Lets go on with out him.
by Jason Moline June 12, 2008
A wad of mucus that has been brought up from the lungs.

The act of a deep, productive cough followed by spitting out the wad of mucus is called "hocking a lunger", where "to hock" is a modern wearing-down of the original "to hawk".

Those suffering or recovering from pneumonia can hock frequent, prodigious, and frightening lungers.
I hocked a lunger up to the ceiling in the gym shower last week and it's still hanging there.
by JMike1966 January 02, 2008
In reference to a person whose only ability in life is to breathe. Or, if you will, use their lungs.
"Man, those guys from A Simple Plan are a pack of lungers.."
by Millwood November 02, 2005
the penis
I want to put my lunger in her
by S.j.liddle November 24, 2003
A word that can replace the words tight or cool. It can also be used to explain how hot a girl is.
That Hillary Duff is so Lunger.
by Kellen December 21, 2004

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