After sex, a woman/man cuts off her/his partner's penis with an ax.
Men only experience this once, so they tend to save it for a very special person.
Mark: So what happened with you and Sarah's mom last night?
Lucas: She was so crazy she lumberjacked me.
by AML43 December 02, 2006
Sexual term, used to describe the act of fecalating on ones head then cutting it half with your penis.
My boyfriend lumber jacked me last night. I don't know if I will ever recover.
by Mr.Malice December 28, 2005
lumberjacking is the act of taking your penis and slapping it across someone's face when they are or arent sleeping
wow dude u got lumberjacked so hard when u were sleeping that there is a red mark across your face
by Tyler Faust March 16, 2005
one who has a lot of boners
Dude ur a lumberjack!!!
by satin January 28, 2005
When you rail a girls bung and pull out and wipe your schwantz on her face, giving her a mustache and beard of warm, steamy goodness.
All dirty ho's like a good lumberjack
by JuiceValentine October 10, 2004
A VERY HOT! emo MAN who whares his little russian green hat and has his checkers and hot greasy hair with dark rimed glasses and holds on to his ipod witha death grip, also has plugs in both ears one smaller tahn the other o ya....and hes gotta be hot and EMOO...
A:hey look its lumberjack...
R: hes so greasy
A: but hes hot
R: but he looks so gay
A: but hes not hes emo duh
R: ya hes a lumberjack
A: ya a hot lumberjack
by annakova the great April 13, 2005
A girl that's just after wood!
That girl at the club was a total lumber jack she goes home with an new guy every night.
by Teacher Ted September 15, 2014

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