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A pair of bad-ass shoes
Check out those bad-ass lugz.
by Woohoo! May 19, 2008
13 9
once was a true thugs pair of boots but now they've hit mainstream and everyones wearing them.
Damn nigga, you got the new Lugz.
by blazed December 01, 2004
33 19
A brand of shoe, but can also be used in reference to shoes that are made of yellowish leather.
(Lugz brand name):
Guy: Hey, I got the new Birdman Lugz

(Lugz used in reference):
Guy: That guy is wearing Lugz.
by wcgold January 13, 2005
35 30
the act of choking on an object that is forcefully shoved passed the tonsils for pleasure
lucy lugz on sausage;
lucy likes lugging on sausage
by larry to the harry July 30, 2007
11 8