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A Luesta is party. Not just any party, but a Luau and Fiesta in one. A mix of the Mexican and Hawaiian Cultures. It's a shindig where you combine both types of parties into one awesome get together. It's a party filled with tacos, burritos, nachos, amazing pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris with the umbrella and everything. A night where you enjoy yourself playing Limbo and dancing the night away with your coconut bikini, grass skirts and most importantly your maracas!
I went to a wicked Luesta today, they had the best tacos and virgin strawberry daiquiris in town.

The Luesta ran till like 6 in the morning, we had too much fun playing limbo and dancing the night away with our maracas!

This Luesta is the best party I ever went to! I got the best of both worlds, mexican food and hawaiian drinks. It was one amazing night!
by euphoria824 September 17, 2009
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