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An extremely hirsute man, sometimes of dual nationality.

He is smart and hot in equal measure.

Also possesses the ability to roll a perfect spliff every time, a legendary skill coveted by all.

Men want to be him, women want to lick him all over.
Girl 1: Hey babe, look at that hot hairy sex monkey over there.....

Girl 2: I heard he can skin up and fist you at the same time..

Girl 1: Oh my god, he's such a lozz.. I WANT HIM
by WildWestHero May 20, 2010
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An alteration of "lol" and "lulz." Lozz means you are laughing so hard that you want to scream, as if a man with long, crooked fingers is tickling you.

In fact, this man might have a crack nail or two.
Via text:

Jim: Are you coming tonight?
Amy: Is Dave gonna be there?
Jim: Of course.
Amy: Then no, he smells funny.
Jim: Lozz, so funny
by Chase the Reader May 25, 2010
To throw,to chuck, to lozz
I know i she was upset when she lozzed my dinner at me!

The copper got injured when they started lozzing bricks at him
by dr kent uk January 31, 2010

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