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The feelings you have when you first fall in love. When you are just overwhelmed with joy each time you see your lover. Can be present tense or past.
Amy Winehouse used the term in her song "stronger then you" As in "I am not feeling any of your love joy anymore" when singing to her drunken boyfriend.
by timothypaulperry July 29, 2011
2 0
Someone who enjoys posting things related to penii, regardless of their sexual orientation.
Someone just Lovejoyed the perv group again. All these penii are burning the fuck out of my retina.
by uosmiley September 04, 2011
34 11
The act of leaving work early.
Lets lovejoy up outa this place.
by jsimonh November 06, 2008
23 13
Slang word for an instrument of poor sexual pleasure, or someone who is too amazing in bed for their own good, only gets little amounts of pleasure out of sex when compared to the amount that they give.
Oh man your such a Lovejoy! I want more of you!
24 23
a fat person who is pretty much amazing
lovejoy is has an A in everyclass
by bobbbob March 19, 2008
15 26