Loose cans or bottles of beer, as opposed to those in a package.
"I cant fit this 30 rack into my backpack!"

"No worries! Ditch the box and fill up your backpack with loosies!"
by JakeStar October 12, 2005
A loose condom
I got the loosy s over there,

Loosy s as in... those loose condoms,You don't sell those to people do you?

no i just rinse these out and throw em back where i found em
by drjones useast January 26, 2009
Pubic hairs that have come "loose" from the patch.
Joe reached into his pants and low and behold, he came up with a handful of loosies. Being the great guy that he is, he let them fall all over Janice's pillow.
by JaeWu June 09, 2006
For a woman to give head at a short notice.
Since there is not enough time to make this morning before work, hit me with a loosy on your lunch break.
by K-Cros June 02, 2005
Commonly used for a mongeral dog,
but said to people, who act like one.
bara loosy hai
tu nay zuroor loose marni thee.
by Big Dick In ur Ass April 17, 2005

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