Term used to describe any song where the artist changes his style and goes mainstream. Term coined from the hit Lil Wayne song Lollipop
Bob- Yo did you hear that song Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes?
Jim- Yea I like it but its such a Lollipop.
by Michael H W December 30, 2008
the sickest song ever made by lil' wayne, its 5 min of awesomeness
Damn, that song lollipop is tight
by NICKYSEXYBEAST April 02, 2008
Big (.Y.) tits
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
A sweet tasting round ball on a stick that people can suck on.
I want a lollipop, mommy!

This lollipop tastes so good!
by Ve-ve! July 10, 2008
a ladiez vag or a mans dong
oi sexy let me lick ur lollipop
by becca April 13, 2005

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