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One of the most retarded internet "words" ever created. It was created by an eleven year school girl while she was chit-chatting with her adult friend. It is often used by emo boys who are in touch with their feminine side.
Kaufman, a nineteen year old man, said "lollers" so I punched him in the face.
by holy smokes May 08, 2007
1) A person who always says "LoL" and whose mind can't go further

2) dyang70
<Xand3r> dyang, tell me the first thing that comes through your mind...
<dyang70> lol
by Xand3r February 19, 2005
to lol
I was the sole survivor of the lollocaust, luckily I had my lollerskates along.
by Ninja Porkchop April 12, 2003
kinda like lol except somehow more lame
kid: "Lollers, I'm hilarious!"
Other Kid: "Shut up nubert"
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
A 'lol' (laugh out loud) with an added "ler" at the end.

As with "lolz" and "lolz0rz", "loller" is just another form of lol.
by CC June 23, 2003
A co-worker who laughs out loud (LOL) at instant messages they receive. This action can be especially disrupting and more often absolutely annoying to other co-workers who are silently furious and disgusted at the serial laugher's complete lack of awareness of their surroundings.
I swear, all that Loller next to me does is giggle with the office girls over IM.
by Major Spooge January 05, 2006
A person who don't listen to you or don't pay attention when you're talking to him/her. This kind of person will simply answer with few words and will have a lot of 'lol, LOL' into his answers. They will also reply with just 'lol, LOL' in a conversation.
John : Hey, how are you? xD
Bob : Good lol
John : So wassup?
Bob : nm, lol..
John : man u say too much 'lol'
Bob : u think? LOL xD
John : ...u're just a loller
Bob : lol..
by Oknix June 27, 2011