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1) A person who always says "LoL" and whose mind can't go further

2) dyang70
<Xand3r> dyang, tell me the first thing that comes through your mind...
<dyang70> lol
by Xand3r February 19, 2005
to lol
I was the sole survivor of the lollocaust, luckily I had my lollerskates along.
by Ninja Porkchop April 12, 2003
kinda like lol except somehow more lame
kid: "Lollers, I'm hilarious!"
Other Kid: "Shut up nubert"
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
A 'lol' (laugh out loud) with an added "ler" at the end.

As with "lolz" and "lolz0rz", "loller" is just another form of lol.
by CC June 23, 2003
A co-worker who laughs out loud (LOL) at instant messages they receive. This action can be especially disrupting and more often absolutely annoying to other co-workers who are silently furious and disgusted at the serial laugher's complete lack of awareness of their surroundings.
I swear, all that Loller next to me does is giggle with the office girls over IM.
by Major Spooge January 05, 2006
One of the most retarded internet "words" ever created. It was created by an eleven year school girl while she was chit-chatting with her adult friend. It is often used by emo boys who are in touch with their feminine side.
Kaufman, a nineteen year old man, said "lollers" so I punched him in the face.
by holy smokes May 08, 2007
A person who don't listen to you or don't pay attention when you're talking to him/her. This kind of person will simply answer with few words and will have a lot of 'lol, LOL' into his answers. They will also reply with just 'lol, LOL' in a conversation.
John : Hey, how are you? xD
Bob : Good lol
John : So wassup?
Bob : nm, lol..
John : man u say too much 'lol'
Bob : u think? LOL xD
John : ...u're just a loller
Bob : lol..
by Oknix June 27, 2011
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