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kinda like lol except somehow more lame
kid: "Lollers, I'm hilarious!"
Other Kid: "Shut up nubert"
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
1. Another word for a cheese grater
Tyler: "Most people know it by it's traditional name, but I know it by it's real name, a sponge ruiner."
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
1. A small green and orange plastic rock guitar.
2. Sometimes it's a song too.
Police Cop: "Hey, Is that a gun???"
Man: "No, It's Jam'n Tunes!"
Police Cop: "Jam'n Tunes??? What's that?"
Man: "Well... It's kindof like... well, I'll show you.... (Wicked Guitar Solo) Dananananana! JAM'N TUNES!!!"
Police Cop: "Oh! I see now... Sorry, but I'm going to have to take you in anyway."
Man: "Aw man, not again."
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
Not 4, But Better.
by metalgoldfish August 05, 2005
1. Your wang's long black fur coat.
Charlie gots crabs on his pubic hair!
by metalgoldfish July 12, 2005
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