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The overwhelming feeling of being too full and sleepy after too a big meal. It happens after eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving, or eating a pizza and several beers.
Tom: I can't believe I ate the whole pizza.
Holly: We totally have to go out tonight.
Tom: I am feeling Logi and I need to nap.
Holly: No Way
by ct_sailor January 13, 2011
1. An unforgivable, albeit hilarious, misspelling of the word logic.

2. Also a pretty good name for a domestic cat.
nubcake: your logic > my logis
nubcake: LOGIC
nubcake: DAMMIT
leetguy: wtf is logis
leetguy: HAHAHAHA
nubcake: stfu
nubcake: -___-

"Here, Logis! Here kitty kitty!"
by Rockman875 July 19, 2008
A freakazoid. But someone you love.
They come from a breed of flying squirrels.
Bob: Yo that girl Logi is such dope
Bill: No way yo, she's such a squirrely freakazoid!
by Poo.face January 06, 2009
Little small young seminole indians
That logi will be getting mad money every month, just bc we supposedly stole their land.
by brad_d November 07, 2006
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