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5 definitions by partyviking

The "logies" refers to the sluggish or sleepy feeling that one develops after eating a large meal.
No, I can't move. I destroyed that pizza and now I have a bad case of the "logies."
by partyviking June 26, 2013
''The 50 foot'' rule pertains to the distance a male is from a female before he can make an accurate assessment of her appearance. If she is seen from beyond "50 feet" then she is too far away for him to judge clearly if she is worth pursuing.
Male 1. "Man did you check out that girl? She was killer!" Male 2. "No man, did you use the 50 foot rule? No! Well then, you don't if she was banging or leading the cougar line. Don't waste your time."
by partyviking June 26, 2013
The term "Lazarus luck" is applied to someone who has partied so hard that others deem them lucky to be alive. This may also apply to someone who has been resuscitated after an over dose. In reference to the biblical figure Lazarus of Bethany also known as Lazarus of the four days. Lazarus was said to have been resurrected four days after his death by Jesus.
Ozzy Osbourne must have some kind of "Lazarus luck"; the man has probably been brought back to life ten times!
by partyviking June 26, 2013
The term is an oxymoron used by cannabis smokers to refer to a bong toke or a hit off a water filtered device.
Hey, I was just about to enjoy some "clean smoke." Would you like to join?
by partyviking June 26, 2013
The "garage bong" is the bong that is used in locations, or under circumstances, that are not appropriate for expensive glass pieces. i.e. the garage, camping, or parties. It is usually a bong made from acrylic or another durable, albeit, inexpensive material. Ideally, the "garage bong" doesn't sacrifice the quality of the hit and can become a much loved mascot.
"Hey man? What's with the 'garage bong?' I thought this celebration was worthy of the monster 7mm." Reply: "Yeah, I considered it, but after a lot of thought I realized: you don't bring out the good china at a children's party. Dig it?"
by partyviking June 27, 2013