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A word sometimes used in place of the word love.
Girl- I loge you
Guy- I loge you too

Nick Jonas- We will make it up to you. Loge you all.
by superdooper19 September 08, 2010
It means Love in Jonish (a.k.a Jonas-language), created because of a spelling mistake made by Nick Jonas.
I loge the Jonas Brothers!
by Joe-nas×Lover September 08, 2010
just one more of those jonas brothers "twatter" typos :) made by nick jonas <3
"...Loge you all" - Nick Jonas
"Loge you too Nick" - every Jonas fan on twitter ;D
by wooahjonas September 08, 2010
A word used by Nick Jonas to express love to his fans after a live chat was canceled due to technichal problems.

"We will make it up to you. Loge you all" - Nick Jonas on Twitter; 9/8/10
"I loge you"
"When you look me in the eyes and tell me that you Loge me"
"We Loge Nick Jonas's typos"
by emjb53 September 08, 2010
when two extremely cool asians love eachother. its called loge...not love...not lurve...LOGE!!

love is so overated!
1. tk and lc are in loge.
2. damn look at tk and lc they are logesbians.
by LCeezy April 19, 2006
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