A very good song by david lee murphy.
Little Hula girls on the shot glass.
All we need's a little salt and lime.
We can plug in the hot pepper lights and pretend,
That we're livin' on Key West time.
I can run to the store an' get some charcoal,
Buy a tikki torch an' fire up the grill.
The whole town wants to know when I'm gonna grow up,
But you know I never will.

Yeah, I might be a little bit loco,
But it keeps me from losin' my mind.
Oh, but half insane, that's ok, babe,
A little bit crazy's all right.
by GLA andy911 April 27, 2004
Dominican slang for "dude".
Loco, hoy fui al cine.
Dude, i was at the cinema today.
by HH1.0 December 07, 2010
In Spanish means: crazy, insane, mad.

In Chilean slang means also "guy" or "chick", pretty informal word, usually used by young people to refer into a particular person.
1. The party last night was crazy. La fiesta anoche estuvo loca.
2. That guy/chick is looking for a place to eat. Ese loco/loca busca un lugar donde comer.
by FDR5 May 06, 2013
A place in the South-west of England (Larkhall) that has also become a description for the way of life for the people that live there.
"Are you going Loco? coz im already there.."
"that Jonny P,he's Loco
by jorndis August 19, 2008
plum crazy, out of your mind, wild beyond all control, having eaten of loco weed
you're plum loco to date that chick, man; her dad's the Man
by Catherine Dunn July 31, 2008
Loco is a spanish slang word there means crazy/insane.
"So they think i'm loco".
by Mulatto Girl November 07, 2010
when two lines of people are close together and somebody runs through and everyone in the two lines severly punches the runner. practiced in team sports as a form of punishment. extremly painful.
coach: how can you miss thet penalty kick...you have a loco.

player: NOO!! not a loco please have mercy!!
by nigger2546 November 05, 2008
Loco is what people call people who wanna be a local in a beach communtiy. Locos wear shirts advirtising names of the city. Locals find locos people annyoing cause they try to mix in with them or act like them. Locals have a heck of a better life than locos becauce they dont give a heck about looks.The local way of life follows the 3 C's.Calm, chill and Cool. The word loco is commanly used in eastern North and South Carolina in small beach communitys.
I just want all the locos to go away they wanna be friends, there not chill
by woahsoyo April 16, 2011
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