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adj. Hawaiian for "from around here."
Skeevo ain't no haole! He's loco!
by F. Rodderick Hsu April 29, 2005
8 38
Well basically its what you call insane/crazy people, because obviously you have nothing better to do. Allthough personally i dont mind a nice lunatic running arround the home once in a while. Abit of the ol' STABBING, and BURNING!!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! I R TEH LOCO!111! *sticks matchstick in own eye* OMG WTF I R TEH BLIND!!! *walks off cliff*
"Hello, i'm loco.........."

nice day today isnt it?.......

*smashes self over the head with tower block*
by Fred Bloggs the 3rd November 05, 2003
7 38
what i am because i'm crazy
i'm loco asshole and i am cool
by loco asshole March 02, 2005
5 38