Well basically its what you call insane/crazy people, because obviously you have nothing better to do. Allthough personally i dont mind a nice lunatic running arround the home once in a while. Abit of the ol' STABBING, and BURNING!!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! I R TEH LOCO!111! *sticks matchstick in own eye* OMG WTF I R TEH BLIND!!! *walks off cliff*
"Hello, i'm loco.........."

nice day today isnt it?.......

*smashes self over the head with tower block*
by Fred Bloggs the 3rd November 05, 2003
Top Definition
etim. Spanish for "crazy", "insane", "mad".
Ese tío está loco
("That guy's crazy")
by Cervantes November 28, 2003
(adjective) crazy; insane.
Do you think he's lil' loco?
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
insane, crazy (from spanish)
He went loco when they saw what he did to his car.
by Light Joker February 13, 2006
Spanish word meaning crazy.
El es un poco loco -> He's abit crazy.
by i♥ue August 08, 2010
crazy/off the hook/insane
i am oh so loco mama dint raise no chump i dont talk 2 po po!
by MC PAKMAN November 08, 2005
a fuckin crazy/insane person
yo dawg dont fuck wit Carlos man that niggas hella loco
by InfamousMami December 07, 2004
Crazy, or insane.
But is often said to mean very fucked up on drugs.
"Is that dude loco, or what man?
"Shit man! I'm fucken Lohhhcohhhhhh right now!"
by Diego July 18, 2003
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