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Chilean slang. It has lot's of meanings, depending on context.

Meanings: tasty, yummy, lovely, fine as hell (very handsome), cool, cute, rich, plenty of (adj.)
1. These tomatoes are tasty. Que ricos son estos tomates.

2. The chocolate cake is yummy!. La torta de chocolate esta rica!
3. What a lovely child! Que niño más rico.
4. That guy is fine as hell. Ese chico esta bien rico.
5. Scuba diving is cool. Bucear es rico.
6. He is cute. El es rico.
7. Bill Gates is rich. Bill Gates es rico.
8. Steve Jobs had plenty of ideas. Steve Jobs era rico en ideas.
by FDR5 May 06, 2013
Chilean slang. Spanish.

It means "hangover", "aftereffects". It's an informal word, usually used by young people.
Hoy tuve la peor caña. Today I had the worst hangover ever.
by FDR5 May 06, 2013
In Spanish means: crazy, insane, mad.

In Chilean slang means also "guy" or "chick", pretty informal word, usually used by young people to refer into a particular person.
1. The party last night was crazy. La fiesta anoche estuvo loca.
2. That guy/chick is looking for a place to eat. Ese loco/loca busca un lugar donde comer.
by FDR5 May 06, 2013

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