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When a man only gets "half hard"
Tom was loafing during class
by Tiim Howard October 02, 2010
To laze around your house or place of residence, and to not have a care in the world.
"Loafing does the body good"
by Slackers April 05, 2003
bullcraapping around; wasting time; a big procrastinater.
Ay you loafing, you better hurry up and do ms. johnson essay.
by WashingtonDC123 June 13, 2010
The act of sitting or laying in the same spot, preferably a couch or recliner, for an abundant amount of time, then proceeding to fall asleep in it.
Matt: "Hey Barth, what are you doing?"
Barth: "I'M LOAFING"
by SkattMiba August 15, 2012
A prank originating from Cincinnati, OH loafing is the act of taking a loaf of sliced bread and skewering it on the antenna of a strangers auto-mobile.
It's time that Fiat got a good loafing!
by Queen City Loafers LLC. September 27, 2013
Standing around asking someone for their things(usually food)
Man#1 give me some chips please
Man#2 Bui, stop loafing dawg. Go get your own stuff
by BOOTS December 02, 2013
Getting really high on some kind of drug
"Hey man, I just got some great weed"

"We better get loafing brahhhhh"
by DOLPHINS February 23, 2012
When a cat sits on any surface with its legs tucked under itself. This gives the cat the appearance of having no limbs, and thus, looks like a loaf.
Steven: "My cat looked like a loaf of bread when it was loafing on my chair yesterday."
Liz: "My cat does that too!"
by The Tsar July 14, 2011