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To laze around your house or place of residence, and to not have a care in the world.
"Loafing does the body good"
by Slackers April 05, 2003
bullcraapping around; wasting time; a big procrastinater.
Ay you loafing, you better hurry up and do ms. johnson essay.
by WashingtonDC123 June 13, 2010
The act of sitting or laying in the same spot, preferably a couch or recliner, for an abundant amount of time, then proceeding to fall asleep in it.
Matt: "Hey Barth, what are you doing?"
Barth: "I'M LOAFING"
by SkattMiba August 15, 2012
A prank originating from Cincinnati, OH loafing is the act of taking a loaf of sliced bread and skewering it on the antenna of a strangers auto-mobile.
It's time that Fiat got a good loafing!
by Queen City Loafers LLC. September 27, 2013
1) verb: To loaf
2) To do things in a manner that shows disinterest or a simple lack of composure
3) The manner in which things get done while the person doing the action is stoned as shit.
"Jeff hand me a napkin"
*Jeff picks up wad of napkins, drops them all onto the floor, hands person napkin but fails to pick up all the rest of the scattered napkins.
"Jeff quiz loafing"
by icepick008 April 26, 2015
The act of taking a shit on someone, or in someone's personal belongings such as: Hats, Shoes, Computer Case, Backpack, Stoma, etc.
Hey dude... you wanna go Loafing tonight?
by Howe Feltersnach November 25, 2015
Standing around asking someone for their things(usually food)
Man#1 give me some chips please
Man#2 Bui, stop loafing dawg. Go get your own stuff
by BOOTS December 02, 2013
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