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What happens when you barf inside any kind of helmet that encloses your face. Can be used as a noun or verb. A portmanteau of "Darth" Vader and "barf".
(verb) "Man, I gotta quit barthing on motorcycle trips - I hate choking on it"
(noun) "Barth, I am your maker" - Darth Vader
by darth upchuckitus August 09, 2013
Barth is the name we gave to our mate bart because his favourite bodyboarder is garth mcgregor. Bart always tries 2 do shit that garth does, so fucken thats y we gave him that name.
Tommo: look ben barth is doin shit from tension 7 again
Ben: fuck wen will he stop impersonatin garth mcgregor?
by benjohnson April 30, 2005
A nasty slob ass co-worker
that pisses any where and acts like a cake ass nigga (A pussy).
Ryan is such a Barth, he pisses in the water building e-room.
by Big Daddy Diesel January 25, 2008


jesuschristalmighty omifuckingod hahahahahahahahh

barthy and his chinchillas
by tinkerbelll September 07, 2004
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