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When a man only gets "half hard"
Tom was loafing during class
by Tiim Howard October 02, 2010
To soddomize yourself or another with a frozen loaf of bread.
(guy 1)hey im going to the freezer to get a loaf. (guy 2) you can count me out if you'r going to be loafing yourself. Or "Go loaf yourself"
by Euan bis October 17, 2008
To take over a bar jukebox and play the same meatloaf song over and over on full volume.. then leave. Preferably "I would do anything for love," but any long meatloaf song serves the same purpose. (to annoy)
Man, we sure gave that bar a good Loafing. I don't know if that song will ever stop playing.
by adi3u January 15, 2009
The act of traveling to a local bakery with the intention of buying and consuming a loaf of bread as a meal. Usually done in groups containing an even number of persons so that each member is allowed half of a loaf.
"Would you like to go loafing for lunch today?"
by Tyler Sanderson September 20, 2006