To love.
I love.

When I was younger I didn't say 'I love you mummy' I used to say 'I LOAF you mummay.'
So thats where it came from. lol.
I love you becomes

by Flo October 10, 2006
wen u ask a bitch to give u dome-piece(head)
let me get some loaf grl
by lance March 17, 2005
Another more custom way of saying Bredren, take away bred = bread = Loaf get it?
guy 1: "Yo bread wots up?"
guy 2: "Yo Slut u know i aint ur bred i iz ur loaf, u better act right before u get smacked rite biatch!"
by BigD+Platinum October 03, 2004
Feeling a granny up in the middle of the street
you just pulled a loaf! you scumbag!
by Legendface June 28, 2003

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