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hair-do, particularly that of a guy whose hair is not short yet doesn't budge.
(to a friend, before approaching a girl): Yo, how's my loaf?

ex. Vanilla Ice, Jimmy Johnson, Ace Ventura
by anon March 27, 2005
A rather large quantity of hair on top of a person's head.
Justins's hairdresser was shocked by his shaggy surfer guy loaf.

I need to get my loaf cut.
by Thundercat_Guy September 14, 2004
1. (n) Buttsex
2. (v) To have buttsex with/rape anally
3. (v) To completely dominate/pwn
1. We had a good loaf last night on the kitchen counter.
2. Fuck dude. Troy just loafed me in a creepy white van.
3. I spent all night loafing noobs on COD.
by FuckYeahMontana July 05, 2010
A penis that is officially deemed as dangerous to the public.
The cops took away that guy and his loaf.
by Big Guns McGee September 14, 2009
an incredibly dull person, can also
mean pathetic, loony, out of fashion,
silly, outrageously weird...derives
from the word 'penny loafers' which
are cruddy old people shoes that your
grandparents picked up a pair from the
Goddamn I'm dressed like a complete loaf
by hotdogsforall February 21, 2009
to push off, stall on something needed to do or someone you want to talk to.
you loafing on that english paper; you loafing on the girl.
by brianna charlton February 27, 2008
Means a person is fakin
Can also be used at the end of jokes
Sherie you be Loafn You know u wan to give up da yea
by Steven Walker February 03, 2008
A fat, obese, and gross person that wears clothing that doesn't fit them. Their rolls of fat normally slide out of their shirts.
loafyyy, your so fat
by bibabo April 21, 2007