A lighter or any other fire creating device.
Hey brosef, pass me that litch.
by Ken Mallo December 31, 2005
Top Definition
A Litch is an Arcane (as opposed to Divine) spellcaster, that has magically increased their lifespan to the point of becoming undead.
OH MY GOD!!!! That litch just destroyed that entire town! Run!
by Pat, the master of all things March 04, 2005
Originally used to sensor the word bit*h. Nowadays, it is used to refer to individuals when you are angry or joking without an actual meaning to it.
"Litch" get out of my face.

You are a nasty "litch".
by fatherpaul777 November 10, 2014
slang term for literally started in sydney, australia. often used sarcastically.
"how hot is that guy?"
by C R April 22, 2008
Litch = Little + Bitch
Michael didn't want to work out because he was being a litch and said he had pink-eye. Someone must have farted in his face.
by Zaca08 March 30, 2008
A secret codeword meaning attractive. Can also be used to describe something as good, lovely or nice.
"Who do you consider to be the bigger litch? Transport secretary Alastair Darling, or fictional advertising character Barry Scott, of Cilit Bang! fame?"


"I say Marjorie, these eccles cakes are surprisingly litch for a woman of your limited culinary abilities."
by roomwithaview86 October 10, 2006
Term used to describe when you have anal itch
I am sorry if my fingers smell really bad, I am litching right now
by Itchy fuck October 05, 2004
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