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Secret codeword meaning ugly, disgusting or just bad
"Nurse! I wish to make a complaint. Due to Dr Johnson's overenthusiastic use of the forceps, my newborn baby is an unnacceptable rog. I'd like to exchange him for a more litch specimen please."


"I have just done a poo in your toilet. The smell is unbelievably rog, but I make no apologies."


"The teecher saed my speling waz rearly wrog."
by roomwithaview86 October 10, 2006
A secret codeword meaning attractive. Can also be used to describe something as good, lovely or nice.
"Who do you consider to be the bigger litch? Transport secretary Alastair Darling, or fictional advertising character Barry Scott, of Cilit Bang! fame?"


"I say Marjorie, these eccles cakes are surprisingly litch for a woman of your limited culinary abilities."
by roomwithaview86 October 10, 2006

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