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Cool, awesome, neato, etc...
majewski is so liquid!
by majewski March 24, 2005
When you have a terrible diarrhea. It has to be really liquidy and smell really bad.
Person 1: O man today I had the worst liquid I don't know what I ate that made me have it.

Person 2: Why are you telling me this?
by Jake.G November 28, 2011
1.Word that expresses strong disagreement.
3. Straight up irresponsible
2.Opposite of something Solid.
Ex:Brainless, not cool, dumb, stupid,
Person 1: Hey you wana go jump off a cliff?
Person 2: Naw man thats liquid!

"It's liquid to do crap like dat!"
by MapelSarahp December 13, 2007
Verbal gesture of annoyance over your mortal enemy, as seen in the Metal Gear Solid game series, see also 'Snake'.
Enemy, once pressumed dead walks menacingly into view.


by The Founder Utopia August 31, 2005
A person who never gives a definite opinion. Tries to satisfy everybody with this behavior, ends up pissing everyone off. A spineless loser, he takes the shape of the jar he's put in.
Damn, he still didn't choose! He's so liquid!
by JanzoIT June 21, 2006
Snake's wierd-ass clone twin from Metal Gear Solid. I'm pretty sure he's gay, mainly because he likes to walk around without a shirt on (no matter how idiotically cold it might be), and he enjoys being in the HIND-D (helicopter).

Despite being rather gay, knows how to use a Metal Gear.

Takes over some cowboy Russian's body later.
Liquid snake
Might be queer
But he knows how
To drive Metal Gear
by Jaxor teh Haxor May 28, 2006
Can be used at the moment of orgasm during sex.
Oh baby, it's gonna get liquid here real quick.
by Stage9 Clinger October 17, 2009