Something Tom Green Most Definatly is not - Stealing Harvard.
The Correct Quote From the Movie, unlike the above -Tom Green - I'm Not Liquid John, I'm Not Liquid, I'm Not Liquid John. -John - What does that mean?!? -Tom Green - It means I don't have your money John
by Electric Jesus March 19, 2005
Shitty nerdy guy from Oklahoma who can't run a site and runs away as soon as something bad is about the happen.
"You suck Liquids"
"Liquids, bring down NxT"
by NT/NxT October 29, 2006
money, cash flow, scrilla
Yo Dogg, my liquid fit'na be flowin' like wata right now
by a-dub January 13, 2004
A person who resembles another closely in terms of personality traits or appearance.
That guy is Liquid Eric, he looks just like our old buddy Eric, but hes not.
by Landaleer April 05, 2008
A person who never gives a definite opinion. Tries to satisfy everybody with this behavior, ends up pissing everyone off. A spineless loser, he takes the shape of the jar he's put in.
Damn, he still didn't choose! He's so liquid!
by JanzoIT June 21, 2006
Cool, awesome, neato, etc...
majewski is so liquid!
by majewski March 24, 2005
The worst night club in cardiff that plays pop rock and dance remixes and seems to attract 18-25yr olds and ppl over 40
"hey im goin down liquid to get smashed on white lightening and dance the night away to some top tunes, after im gonna pull a stunner, some one who is 40 plus at best!"
by Anonymous August 05, 2003
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