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1.n. A move in basketball in which a person jukes while bouncing the basketball from one hand to the other usually leaving the defender going in the opposite direction . It has become increasingly popular as of late due to talented users such as Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, And 1 team, etc.
Yo, he just broke ya boy's ankles with that crossover.
by barrettDC June 29, 2005
n. 1. an intense case of diarrhea that usually results in a bubbling of the stomach. Since food typically leaves the body in a solid form, "liquid" denotes the composition during this stage of chaotic digestion.

2. term typically used by athletes to denote that they are dehydrated and are in need of a refreshing beverage.
1. Hold up, man! I just ate 3 bean tacos with southern hot sauce and its 95 degrees outside...Bro, I got the liquids!

2. We been ballin' for 3 hours and I need some liquids.
by barrettDC June 29, 2005
v. 1. phrase used by "urban" Christians to describe a Christian in temporal state of immorality; operating in the flesh.
Christianity uses the "flesh" to identify sinful nature that is attributed to all mankind. This is not extrememly common to the average person due to the seldom combination of inner city youth and a true Christian walk.
(a Christian says)I'm tired of seeing all the beautiful women go to the club with their hot, steamy, voluptuous....Oh, my bad guys I just got fleshed out there for a minute.
by barrettDC June 30, 2005

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