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Lion2004 is a clueless poster on AnalystForum. He has no real world experience which he evidences by his hyperbolic statements, his version of MBA-speak platitudes and non-insights and his personal distain of others who accept what is offered and work at their career on a practical/ results basis. He on the otherhand waits for offers which won't come, overplays his hand and dismisses successful people who show some initial interest. Here, at age 25 and with no work experience, he elucidates what he would have done had he has his time again (note the impracticality of the plan):
Brock Flanders:


You have a lot of interests. Let's pretend you are 18 and haven't even gone to university yet. Plan out your entire pre-corporate training for us. What would you study? Military? Grad school?

interesting question..

(18 - 21)
BSc in maths/stats/finance - from either LSE, Imperial, York, Warwick (aim for 1st class)
- during summer take internships in Investment Banking (Credit derivatives / sales) / Investment management.
- Study Spanish throughout university
- Compete in various Marathons
- University rowing teams

MSc in Finance / Real Estate Investment - well regarded UK university
Take CFA 1 / GMAT
- Compete various marathons
- Broker Chinese energy privatisations
- Set up inport/ export company

(22- 26)
Sandhurst Officer training. Various oversea posts and with UN. Complete SAS selection.
Sit CFA 2 while in service.

Harvard/Wharton MBA - in finance/real estate
Sit CFA 3

28+ Set up Real Estate Investment / Development firm

- Yeah right Lion2004, like you are going to achieve any of those in the real world. LMAO!
by robh353 May 09, 2005
Young kid of asian heritage living in the outskirts of London. Has delusions of grandeur on a continual basis. Father owns a rather successful convenience store, netting enough for a decent family life. Unfortunately Lion2004 is embarassed by his family.


He's a gangly testosterone challenged white boy from old money. He's a complete disappointment and dreams of one day restoring the family pride
Bad Teeth - When will Lion settle down and take care of the family store?

Worse Teeth - Never, he dreams of running an import/export empire.

Bad Teeth - He can start by ordering a few tins from the continent, the store room is running low.

Worse Teeth - He was born fully equipped (hermaphrodite), Parents obviously erred in arbitrarily choosing the male gender.
by Jagov May 10, 2005
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